MAZZETTI RENATO srl was founded in 1972 on the initiative of Renato Mazzetti, a man who has  deeply believed in his own strength and skills.
MAZZETTI RENATO srl, one of the most competitive company of the sector, is nowadays an important entity that designs and produces machines and plants for the chocolate industry.

The industrial complex of the company is located in Tribiano (in the south eastern province of Milan – Italy), and it occupies an area of 13,000 sq. m., 6,000 of which are covered.

Mr. RENATO MAZZETTI, who was honored with a Honoris Causa Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1993, has been able to select collaborators of undoubted professionalism, enabling the company to export its own products in more than seventy countries around the world.

Even the sons are involved in the company’s management, ensuring the company an important continuity in design and technological development.

MAZZETTI RENATO srl, within its field of expertise, is a benchmark, as a partner, among the leading chocolate manufacturing industries.

The customer who is looking for this company will be assured of the development and production of plants that – starting from raw materials – will allow to reach the finished product processing.

MAZZETTI RENATO srl, in the market of the third millennium, is an even more innovative business, who makes its own experience and reliability the best business card, for those who will need it to look for suitable and functional solutions.



With its technological oriented research, the company designs and manufactures both individual machines and entire production lines for the confectionery industry, especially for the chocolate, from the raw material to the finished product.


We have been working in the sector for 45 years, and we have therefore increased our knowledge about the technologies and, above all, the needs of who works in the chocolate industry.


The staff of MAZZETTI RENATO srl operates internationally and is constantly upgrading technical and technological equipment; it guarantees the installation of the plants at the established time and in line with the high quality standards requested by the customer.


An efficient and well qualified staff is at the customer’s disposal for urgent or extraordinary repair services, ensuring timely and responsive interventionsand limiting to a minimum of onerous machine shutdowns. From the moment of purchase, the customer of MAZZETTI RENATO srl is assisted at all times by dedicated technicians and specialists.


Renato Mazzetti
26 Luglio 1939

Fabio Mazzetti
12 Settembre 1964

Walter Mazzetti
5 ottobre 1968