Producing delights since 1972

Producing delights since 1972

Producing delights since 1972

Producing delights since 1972


The WA-FA system is a patent of our company since 1972, suitable for the production of every kind of chocolate, cream or compound. It includes in a single phase the main operations of the traditional chocolate technology: raw materials mixing, refining and conching. The range is composed by models able to produce from 10 to 600 kg/h at 20 micron finesse


We are able to invent, design and realize machines for the processing of the chocolate: Enrobing machines, to allow the enrobing with chocolate (both completely and only in part) of the most different kinds of products such as snacks, biscuits and cereals tablet


The plants range is complete and includes also tailor-made special machines; it is composed by models that use the most modern production technologies, allowing a total adaptability to the customer’s needs as regards to the solid chocolate products, with inclusion of ingredients, fat cream filled, plain and with alcohol, coupled products, coupling of chocolate with biscuits, wafers etc…


In the most important confectionery firms of the world for almost half a century


Our company is oriented to the technological research and offers machineries of proven quality and reliability.
We work both on the italian market and on the foreign ones, among which those of Eastern Europe,
the Mediterranean basin, the Middle East and the Central and South America.


“The waterfall shuffles chocolate, blend well, making it light and fluffy.
Moreover, no other factory in the world mixes chocolate with a waterfall, dear boys.
And this no rain!” (Willy Wonka)